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What’s worth working for.
The tasks of democracy we believe in.

  • Date: 21.08.2019 – 01.09.2019
  • Lecturers: Lecturer: Inga Balzekaite-Sauliene | Pedagogical staff: Martin Kaiser
  • Cooperation with: Corrymeela Centre, Ballycastle, Nordirland, Student Representation, Vilnius, Litauen, Internationale Jugendbegegnungsstätte Krzyzowa / Kreisau
  • Funded by: EU Programm Erasmus+
  • Fee: 100 €

What is it worth to work for? Which are the most important challenges to be addressed if we want to make democracy run smoothly? What do young people believe in, which issues matter to them, how and where do they want to assume responsibility? This project is designed to use youth work as a means to have an impact on society and build the future. We will share our experiences from countries as different as Germany, (Northern) Irland, Poland and Lithuania. This setting will help us identify the tasks at hand and inspire us to take the next steps:

1. History – how we became, who we are:
How did we become the people who we are? Which values had those in mind, who shaped our families and societies? We will look at the historic narratives and identities. We compare family biographies and text books, news reports and public debates.

2. Democracy – how we express, what we want:
How do we decide, which policy will do? Who feels represented and who feels left behind? A simulation game will help us understand how interest representation in politics works. Talks with political decision makers will address the crucial issue of populism and xenophobia in times of migration.

3. Diversity – how we include, who is around:
How do we perceive what keeps societies together? Do we have homogenous and diverse societies in Europe? This part is on facing diversity and handling it. Diversity training, dialogue exercises and field visits to NGOs will help us find answers to those questions.

4. Prospect – how we know, what to do:
How do we design, what we will do? Here we will identify the tasks at hand. We will describe what’s worth working for – and shape concrete activities.

The project counters the challenges of populism and post-truth politics. It addresses youth leaders from Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Northern Ireland.

    Inga Inga Balzekaite-Sauliene

    Inga Balzekaite-Sauliene

    intercultural trainer, Vilnius. .

    Martin Martin Kaiser

    Martin Kaiser

    Institutsleiter, Bad Bevensen. Martin Kaiser studierte Politikwissenschaft, Germanistik und Pädagogik in Bonn und in den USA (University of Kansas). Bereits als Schüler und Student sammelte er Erfahrungen im internationalen Jugendaustausch und in der deutsch-deutschen Begegnungsarbeit. Die Schwerpunkte seiner beruflichen Tätigkeit liegen in interkulturellen Trainings (Dialogarbeit mit Partnerorganisationen in Ost- und Westeuropa, Nahem Osten, USA), in der vergleichenden Geschichtsbetrachtung (Vergleich von „historic narratives“, Vergangenheitsbearbeitung), in der Demokratiebildung („education for democratic citizenship“) und im interreligiösen Dialog. Seit 2007 ist er Mitglied am Runden Tisch der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung sowie im Vorstand des Arbeitskreises deutscher Bildungsstätten (AdB). Zahlreiche Veröffentlichungen erschienen u.a. im Wochenschau-Verlag und im Wissenschaftlichen Verlag Trier. Im Juni 2012 übernahm er die Leitung des Gustav Stresemann Instituts.

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