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Gustav Stresemann Institute in lower saxony

Adult Educational Centre, Bad Bevensen, est. 1975

The Gustav Stresemann Institute in Niedersachsen e. V. is a private, non-denominational, non-party adult educational centre and seminar site, approved by Lower Saxony adult education law, and funded among others by federal and local government sources.  We offer over 200 seminars, partly in co-operation with other institutions. Our team of pedagogues and over 100 guest speakers ensure professionally competent and pedagogically experienced support for our guests. The Gustav Stresemann Institute is a member of the Lower Saxony State Association of Adult Educational Centre (LV HVHS) as well as the Association of German Education Organisations (AdB).


The Gustav Stresemann Institute is an organisation with history; the first steps towards this started in 1951. The European Educational Centre and Conference House, Bad Bevensen, of the Gustav Stresemann Institute in Niedersachsen e. V. – a long name...

When establishing GSI, Berthold Finkelstein was led by a vision of a reconciled and unified Europe. The aim of our educational institution is to strengthen a political and societal sense of responsibility, to think beyond the national state and to...

Our concept is part of our quality management. In 2003, we successfully passed quality assessment procedures and received the coveted LQW certificate. Our concept imparts an overview of our capabilities, activities, values and aims to you.


Gustav Stresemann Institute in Niedersachsen e.V. // The European Educational and Conference Centre, Bad Bevensen

Klosterweg 4
29549 Bad Bevensen
Telephone: +49 (0) 5821-955 0
E-Mail: info@gsi-bevensen.de

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