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Mission statement

When establishing GSI, Berthold Finkelstein was led by a vision of a reconciled and unified Europe. The aim of our educational institution is to strengthen a political and societal sense of responsibility, to think beyond the national state and to support European unification and international co-operation.

We remain true to this tradition to the present day. Furthermore, within the scope of adult education, we also encourage and inspire our target groups to take action and assume responsibility within (civic) society. We stimulate a critical debate about and examination of the questions of our time and offer appropriate civic education seminars.

In the light of growing international ties and the existence of immigration societies, the need for intercultural and democratic competencies grows. Our trainings in intercultural and tolerance learning have been taking this development into account for many years. Related to this, the “Betzavta-Together” democracy training, which originates from Israeli peace pedagogy (in a Jewish-Arab setting), has special significance.

Our language seminars in European languages such as English and Italian likewise contribute quite literally towards understanding. We understand languages to be firstly an instrument of communication and only secondly as a system of rules. Therefore, we work with suggestopedia techniques, holistic teaching and learning methods, with which we overcome language barriers in a non-formal approach.

With time and experience, our offers have become more comprehensive. We understand the person in its totality and support their communicative, creative and personal competencies. We also have our special seminars during summer holidays, during the Easter holidays and the turn of the year. During holiday periods we create family-friendly conditions by offering child care.

The themes of the environment, health and self-help also belong to a holistic approach in accordance with our self-image.

Regarding in-service vocational training, our seminars for staff members of nurseries and kindergartens have played a continuously stronger role within the last few years. The results of and discussions about PISA studies confirm the significance of early childhood upbringing for future educational success. Pre-school learning plays a central role in the discussion in society and politics.

In our work we ideally address many societal groups. As an independent educational centre, we are not bound to any church, political party or any other form of ideological organisation. Therefore, we open the doors for all people and organisations who recognise democratic values and human rights.



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