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Our concept

Our concept is part of our quality management. In 2003, we successfully passed quality assessment procedures and received the coveted LQW certificate. Our concept imparts an overview of our capabilities, activities, values and aims to you.

Identity and commission

The Gustav Stresemann Institute in Niedersachsen e. V. is an educational institution that was founded in 1975. It is recognised by Lower Saxony adult education law and exists since 1975 as an Adult Educational Centre.

We are convinced that learning and further education are effectively accomplished when people spend a period of time together under the same roof and thereby learning.

We want to be a place of learning that enables our participants to conduct a dialogue within our seminars in order to educate themselves further and to receive help in pursuing their careers and private lives. It is important for us that people learn with joy and consequently strengthen their personality and develop themselves. We also provide a perfect learning environment for our guests who book our seminar site and conference rooms for their own seminars.

In our view, an economically responsible approach and the careful use of public financial assistance belong to the conditions of our work.


The pedagogical staff of our educational institute and our guest speakers have an extensive experience in adult and youth education. They come from different areas of expertise and convey their knowledge with enthusiasm and creativity in a positive climate of learning.

Our diverse contact to political and social institutions, networks of civic education and research institutes support our work.


Our clients – we prefer the word “guests” – come from different societal areas. Our concern is to provide opportunities for further education to as many societal groups as possible, including different nationalities and age groups.


With our programme printed twice a year in booklet form, together with topic related program flyers as well as the overview on our website, we offer a diversity of possibilities for further education. Through our language seminars we want to foster understanding on the European and global level. Through our vocational qualification seminars, we take into account the principle of life-long learning; other offers serve the development of personality and creativity.

Alongside the openly advertised seminars, we also offer groups and organisations the possibility to work with us in each of these subject areas (seminars “on demand”).


The Gustav Stresemann Institute in Niedersachsen e. V. understands itself to be an independent Adult and Youth Educational Centre that is not bound to any church, political party or any other form of ideological organisation. We see ourselves rather as a meeting centre for all people and organisations who fundamentally acknowledge human rights and wish to realise democratic work. Our efforts in international understanding and intercultural dialogue also serve this purpose.

General aims

Teaching and learning means for us that we support the processes of understanding, feelings and the willingness towards conscientious action.

Learning in a group is an essential element of our teaching. We support this process through a formal and informal review of our methods and our learning outcomes.

We wish to give guidance to people in a world that is getting less comprehensible, as well as helping them to use their knowledge and skills for coping with their personal and professional lives.


Within the scope of teaching the following belong to our resources: The subject-related and pedagogical competencies of our staff, our guest speakers, together with their experience and personal engagement.

However, the affiliation of all staff members with our educational institution together with their personal commitment are also an important source and requirement for successful work.

Our partly historical buildings, our park-like campus and modern media equipment also contribute significantly to the fulfilment of our goals.

Successful learning

Successful learning is for us:

  • learning in a community;

  • teaching and learning in an atmosphere of concentration and relaxation, endeavouring and finding joy in learning;

  • when the participants’ understanding, feelings and the readiness towards action combined with their assumption responsibility for their actions are taken into account;

  • when our guests develop their personal capabilities.


Gustav Stresemann Institute in Niedersachsen e.V. // The European Educational and Conference Centre, Bad Bevensen

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E-Mail: info@gsi-bevensen.de

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